Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gladiator Stance is being removed in Legion

Hello Gladiators.

Today is a sad day. Glad was announced as being removed from the game in the coming (We-Cant-Produce-New-Content-So-Were-Doing-Illidan-All-Over-Again) Legion Expansion. Yes, i'm salty, and yes Legion does look sweet.

There's a petition that probably won't matter here on the wow forums, and I even ranted a bit.

Here is the rant :

This is a gladstance rant. I've been following it closely since the annoucement.

I was at Blizzcon when Gladiator Stance was announced. I was that guy at beers with everyone else nerding out about the talents that were still a year away.

I went on to start the gladiators resolve blogspot and interact with the dev's on twitter. This ended up building a twitter following, interacting with the glad community and developing a blog following. All while I did terrible things to try to get into the WoD beta. I can't say that process was fun. I created postcards, photoshop contests, put my personal information in 30 different websites and still didn't get beta. I ended up getting a key from a random dude who got one and didn't give a !@#$ on twitter.

If you were following the beta and the info on gladstance then you would have noticed that some of the blizzard twitter personalities actually didn't know what the plan was for gladstance. We had to hear it from lead designers about 20 times before people even believed it was going to be competitive with Arms/Fury and to this day there are GMs and players who simply don't believe it ever was. And I don't blame them.

It was frustrating to have to see someone like Lore on twitter saying gladstance didn't matter because it was just so tanks could do quests and stuff. He didn't know and another dev replied to educate him. That made it especailly painful when he was the guy who offhandedly dismisses gladstance from Legion entirely.

So, at the beginning and at the end we're dealing with a lot of visible lack fo caring. The same theme continued in the middle as well. Glad was always on a easily tuneable knob with the majority of it's damage being flat % bonuses vs caring about gear. They actually stopped saying it was meant to be competitive or get raid spots a few months into WoD and it was around then all the raiders decided to go fury/arms if they wanted to keep their raid spots. Fury and Arms even ended up doing amazing damage in the end ( lets not get into rotation talk ). So by now I feel like I was in this weird abusive relationship where Blizzard just continually shafted Glad. And while they don't owe me anything, I definitely didn't enjoy that. Hence why the blog is over and I haven't touched glad in half a year.

Anyway, I hate to be a negative %^- but the uproar over Heroic Strike didn't get it back to us for an entire expansion, so if this petition does anything for us we probably won't see the change until later down the line.

Cyc Out.