Monday, November 24, 2014

Gladiator Warriors : To Execute or Not to Execute


The latest simcraft results have been posted for the different ilvl groups and we're doing extremely well! Glad is a top parsing spec currently, and I'm sure you've all heard the hype that seems to only build every day since WoD launch. 

Remember though, that Simcraft results are dps in a vaccuum, with 0 movement and no mechanics, or a Patchwerk style fight. They simulate encounters and should always be taken with a grain of salt. Just because a spec might be low on simcraft doesn't mean that the spec is worthless either. I'm sure everyone had those moments in 5.4 when a Boomkin or Arcane mage destroyed the meters, and the fury warriors cried WHAAAT? It can happen, and to be fair, 5.4 was a large minigame of using trinket proc's effectively once you were done gearing.

Execute is viable. But Optional.

What I found the most interesting was that Execute was re-introduced to the gladiator warrior rotation! Sub 20% it is a DPS increase, a small one ( only a few hundred dps ) to execute under a few conditions. So because this change is only a few hundred dps, this is an optional rotation.

BASIC Rotation ( about 200 dps increase seen in current simC doing this )

BB+SC+SS > Revenge > Execute > Devastate

ADVANCED Execute Rotation :

BB+SC+SS > Revenge > Devastate > Execute if SS CD is 1.5-2s remaining

Only use Execute when Shield Slam is about to come off CD, and resetting via Devastate won't speed it up.

You are sub 20%, Revenge has 5s left, Shield Slam has 2-1.5s left, you're above 60 Rage, and might or might not be inside a Shield Charge. Then you Execute.

Also I've updated the rotation/stat priorities post to include execute and linked it to this post as well.

One other caveat in the use of Execute within your rotation ( sub 20% ) is that it changes the APM required for the spec, so you end up pressing less buttons. I know most of you will want to do the most dps so you'll already be wearing out hands/mice/keyboards spamming heroic strike with unyielding strikes, so this might be a nice change if you're looking to slow it down a little without costing too much dps.



  1. To play glad after mindless nerf or Not to play glad after mindless nerf

    1. We are still the top single target damage for Warrior. The gap between us and Fury/Arms is closer. And our AOE wasn't really affected since most of our damage from a result of Deep Wounds anyway.

  2. For some odd reason mydps on 1 dummy in glad is lower compared to arms (9k vs 11k)
    Same gear, except glad have all possible 'bonus armor' on gear.

    Stats are:
    Crit 11.71%
    Haste 4.48%
    Master 19.09%
    Bonus armor 459
    Multi 5.59%
    Versality 2.72%
    Str 3341

    I'm using Heavy Repercussions in order to save my wrists =)
    Raid time soon, soi have to prove that this spec is viable, but i cant

    1. You need raid buffs to see the right numbers. You're missing a gcd inside shield charge right now for example. I'd probably use US if you're this worried about raid numbers. Your wrist will be fine :). Mouse4 works pretty good for Heroic Strikes off GCD.

  3. Great guide and explanation of Glad stance but one question, when do I use Devastate? I know the rotation is:
    Bloodbath+Berserker Rage+Shield Charge+Shield Slam
    Heroic Strike + Revenge
    Heroic Strike + Dragon Roar
    Heroic Strike + Devastate
    Shield Slam
    So would I spam Devastate to get the stacks for US and wait for the use of Shield Charge to come back up?

    1. What you described is the perfect pull. The US Rotation is covered in this post