Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gladiator's Blackrock Foundry Gear Guide *Updated 2/16/2015*


We've got a new raid in 1 week. I'm sure you're all scrambling to be ready for the bosses coming and I wanted to try to highlight some of the best gear to go for ( and coin for ) in Blackrock Foundry. 

Blackhand's Battlegear

Most important is going to be our new set bonuses shown here on WOWHead.

Warrior T17 Protection 2P Bonus
Requires Warrior
Shield Slam has a 8% chance to automatically cast Shield Charge.
Warrior T17 Protection 4P Bonus
Requires Warrior
Shield Charge increases the damage of Heroic Strike, Shield Slam, and Revenge by an additional 20%.

Currently we're able to get 50% uptime on Shield Charge in a 5minute Fight ( Mythic Butcher ). This is obviously dps in a vacuum but with our new 2piece bonus we should see at least 10-15% better uptime on Shield Charge. This only increases the importance of our 4piece, now making us do even MORE damage inside the charges. 

Blackrock Foundry BIS Gear

I used the latest Simulationcraft result to generate this basic list.I then edited the gear based on what we know about sim weights, and our breakpoints and have increased our results by a few hundred dps. I'll be keeping this post updated throughout BRF in case there is a change in the gear list. This is a Work In Progress.

Average Item Level: 694.69
Main Hand
Off Hand

# Gear Summary
# gear_strength=3312
# gear_stamina=4540
# gear_crit_rating=1323
# gear_haste_rating=745
# gear_mastery_rating=893
# gear_armor=3041
# gear_bonus_armor=498
# gear_multistrike_rating=688
# gear_versatility_rating=490

Some points to note on the list:
  • This list is a Work in Progress. Small Tweaks I made right after seeing it have already increased the results by a 1500dps.
  • The Simcraft list doesn't reach the 700 Haste Breakpoint I recommend, I've re-ran the sims and see a difference of  270dps just by swapping the ring to Seal of Unquenchable Flame, and stilll enchanting crit all around. 
  • The Swap Piece is going to be Gloves this time around. Our Gloves ended up having the worst stats of all the set pieces.
  • This list is based on Mythic Gear levels, so if you didn't manage to get the Mythic Evergaze you may need to aim for one of the other trinkets first.
  • Your weapon is still the biggest single upgrade, especially because of all the buffs to devastate. On PTR right now Devastate is sometimes 1st on damage done.


Updated 2/16/2015

Basic Trinket DPS Values with the above BIS list on, and combined with a Mythic Bottle of Infesting Spores ( the least amount of variance ). Updated 1/30/2015

BIS Trinket Combinations from Blackrock Foundry:

- Cyclonus

Monday, January 19, 2015

Gladiator Haste Changes and New Stat Weights


With the recent changes to haste for World of Warcraft, we are now easily hitting the first haste breakpoint with less gear ( 225 instead of 330 ) and should be looking to also get the second. I've updated the original Stat Weights post to include this information as well. Here is what Haste looks like for my 667 Glad Warriors Gear. Because of these changes our stat weights are going to be different. I decided to show the entire graph on Cyclonus. From 0 haste on gear, all the way to 700 in 25 haste increments.

So, from 0 haste, we see the biggest gains between 200 and 225 Haste, and 650 and 675 Haste. Haste is also now a bit more valuable than it used to be, because we get more of it per stat now. From there the two caps are 225 and 675, Accounting for Interface and Network lag, I would recommend 250 and 700 haste for these caps.
Remember, these are raid buffed values!

New Stat Weights

630 ilvl
STRBonus Arm/AP700

665 ilvl
STRBonus Arm/AP700

695 ilvl
STRBonus Arm/AP700

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gladstance Buffs!

Hello Gladiators!

If you are following the latest patch notes, you will see that we got some serious changes. This is going to be really nice for our AOE damage, and especially nice for our scaling. Look at that haste buff! I will need to do the math's to confirm ( and will update the post ), but I believe this to be the case.

The Patch Notes from MMO-C :

  • The Haste stat is now 11.1% more effective. For example, characters at level 100 now receive a 1% increase per 90 Haste (up from 1% per 100 Haste).
  •  Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • General
    • Arms
      • Mastery: Weapons Master’s effects have been increased by 57.1%.
    • Protection
      • Deep Wounds’ damage has been increased by 40%.
      • Devastate’s damage has been increased by 20%.
      • Revenge’s damage has been increased by 40%.
      • Shield Slam’s damage has been increased by 20%.
    • Talents
      • Gladiator Stance (Protection) now increases damage by 5% (down from 20%).

First, I'd like to explain that this was a brilliant design decision by Blizzard. We're seeing a 15% damage nerf to Gladiator Stance, and between 20 and 40% buff to the other abilities here. This means that we're going to scale better with gear ( devastate is based on weapon damage ). What is also important is to note that at the beginning of the tier, when weapons and gear were a lot harder to get, we had that damage passively ( though less of it ) and the original design would have kept us up with our Fury and Arms friends. As I said earlier though, I'm going to be working on the updated simcraft whenever it becomes available to confirm all of this, but I thought i'd get the word out there before I started having to read forum threads saying RIP Gladiator LOL.

As a side note, I was also seeing a ton of threads popping up by Raid Leaders and new Prot Warriors talking about jumping into Challenge Modes and Raids and getting trucked by the bosses. Most often when they posted logs they weren't even keeping shield slam up, so I did a guide on how to analyze your Tank on Warcraftlogs. Here is the guide:

- Cyc