Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gladiator's Blackrock Foundry Gear Guide *Updated 2/16/2015*


We've got a new raid in 1 week. I'm sure you're all scrambling to be ready for the bosses coming and I wanted to try to highlight some of the best gear to go for ( and coin for ) in Blackrock Foundry. 

Blackhand's Battlegear

Most important is going to be our new set bonuses shown here on WOWHead.

Warrior T17 Protection 2P Bonus
Requires Warrior
Shield Slam has a 8% chance to automatically cast Shield Charge.
Warrior T17 Protection 4P Bonus
Requires Warrior
Shield Charge increases the damage of Heroic Strike, Shield Slam, and Revenge by an additional 20%.

Currently we're able to get 50% uptime on Shield Charge in a 5minute Fight ( Mythic Butcher ). This is obviously dps in a vacuum but with our new 2piece bonus we should see at least 10-15% better uptime on Shield Charge. This only increases the importance of our 4piece, now making us do even MORE damage inside the charges. 

Blackrock Foundry BIS Gear

I used the latest Simulationcraft result to generate this basic list.I then edited the gear based on what we know about sim weights, and our breakpoints and have increased our results by a few hundred dps. I'll be keeping this post updated throughout BRF in case there is a change in the gear list. This is a Work In Progress.

Average Item Level: 694.69
Main Hand
Off Hand

# Gear Summary
# gear_strength=3312
# gear_stamina=4540
# gear_crit_rating=1323
# gear_haste_rating=745
# gear_mastery_rating=893
# gear_armor=3041
# gear_bonus_armor=498
# gear_multistrike_rating=688
# gear_versatility_rating=490

Some points to note on the list:
  • This list is a Work in Progress. Small Tweaks I made right after seeing it have already increased the results by a 1500dps.
  • The Simcraft list doesn't reach the 700 Haste Breakpoint I recommend, I've re-ran the sims and see a difference of  270dps just by swapping the ring to Seal of Unquenchable Flame, and stilll enchanting crit all around. 
  • The Swap Piece is going to be Gloves this time around. Our Gloves ended up having the worst stats of all the set pieces.
  • This list is based on Mythic Gear levels, so if you didn't manage to get the Mythic Evergaze you may need to aim for one of the other trinkets first.
  • Your weapon is still the biggest single upgrade, especially because of all the buffs to devastate. On PTR right now Devastate is sometimes 1st on damage done.


Updated 2/16/2015

Basic Trinket DPS Values with the above BIS list on, and combined with a Mythic Bottle of Infesting Spores ( the least amount of variance ). Updated 1/30/2015

BIS Trinket Combinations from Blackrock Foundry:

- Cyclonus


  1. Couple questions. How does the 680ilvl Knight's Badge compare to heroic lvl BRF trinkets?

    Also, any idea why the 4-piece bonus increases the damage of Slam for us when we can't even get slam?

    1. That was a typo. Shield Slam for the 4pc. Knights Badge could be up there actually. i'll check that one too.

  2. Thx, but getting Mythic 695 items takes rly rly long way.... Would be nice if you can make a 680-685 version too (included with crafted 680 items and highmaul mythic items).

    1. np :) this is it:
      im not sure with trinkets...

  3. I realize the list is for mythic but would we be replacing scabbard of kyanos with the other heroic ilvl trinkets?

    1. Have the Scabbard coming in at 39906 dps. Above Vial! Maybe i'll do a heroic trinkets comparison after all.

    2. nice job with all the trinkets, thank you!

  4. Not sure if my last comment went through but i was wondering if the Alchemy upgradable trinket and how it ranks with the rest for us.


    1. Either it's not working, or it's totally shit. I've simmed it around 33k dps, ( compared to 43k dps ). So once it's working in Simcraft I'll use it.

  5. thank you much appreciated list

  6. I know this is not the right place to ask, but how are you guys feeling you're doing in terms of dps and pve survivability, compared to other specializations and classes? Is it scaling ok with gear?
    I'm not feeling very high at dps as i was when wod came. And i'm not sure if we have more survivability than arms, or DK and ret... I wish our shild barrier wasn't useless and we ware more tanky (i wouldn't care to do less dps than fury if i was harder to kill).

    1. Survivability we're fine. Damage we're behind Arms/Fury, but we're still ahead of some other classes entirely. If you need to be top dick, play the other dps spec's. We're not always going to be on top either, I would expect that since Gladiator is harder to gear ( at the cost of tank gear ) they probably won't make it better than fury/arms during progression.

    2. Hello. i see Heroic Vial coming in above Mythic. this is a mistake i assume, are they actually the other way around?

    3. Vial is top with Blast Furnace door for Mythic.

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  8. To lead off, I haven't done any raid testing, only target dummy, so I don't know how different the results look like. That said, I don't think what I'm testing should change based on the target.

    My question: is the 2pc set as worthless as it appears? It says 8%, you say 10%-15% increase on uptime, but my testing on the target dummy put me at well below 8% chance to proc off of a slam, usually around 4%-6%. I'm not sure how you would track this proc during a raid, but I'll see if I can tonight. That said, my testing would indicate that over the course of a BRF fight, you're looking at 1-2 free shield charges on average. That's 7-14 seconds of 25% additional damage on 3 abilities over ~8 minutes of fighting. This seems largely underwhelming to me.

    Am I missing something or did Prot/Glad get a rather useless 2pc?