Friday, May 29, 2015

Patch 6.2 Gladiator Changes


We have an exciting tier coming around the corner. Along with it are a few changes to the way Gladiators do damage, which happens to be buffs. What's also exciting is I am now in a Mythic raiding guild ( Real Talk on US Kil'Jaeden ) and will be able to actually play this spec if progression allows for it. Unfortunately, we're still not top dog on the meters, but we are definitely an option in 6.2. I don't expect mythic guilds pushing the edge of progression will be using a Glad DPS, but I expect we'll see a lot more play than we did in BRF. Glad continues to be a niche, in that it's behind Fury and Arms. Also, Blizzard continues to be on different sides of the commitment they made, saying " glad should be competitive with fury/arms." I actually tweeted Lore once who didn't even know it was supposed to be a real spec. They said that so many times during Beta, I believed it. I might be a bit salty, but that's just because I'm haven't been in the shield wall enough with my fellow gladiators :)

6.2 Gladiator Changes ( from wowhead ):

Hotfixes ( updated June 2nd )

We've received a buff in the form of a increase in the amount of mastery we receive, from our gear. This is linked to gladiator stance and will definitely help as this is our attuned stat. My own simming however doesn't show it to be our best stat, yet. Note that June 2nd this was increased another 20% to total at 50% more mastery from gear. Time to re-check everything. I'm going to post a Gladiator 6.2 guide soon!

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