Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In a Fit of Rage

"In a fit of Rage."

Twas the night before Patching.
All through the Auction House,
The Warriors were Raging,
Frothing at the Mouth.

Changes are Coming!
Warriors will be good!
Our damage will be stunning!
Our enemies in the mud!

We'll be the M.T.
We'll get all the loot
Or its a damn travesty
Warriors will be moot!

Then patch day hit
Warriors did rout
We rocked that sh*t
The rest started to pout

Then we got nerfed
Warriors started to cry
War tanks got turfed
The forums asked why

Nerf Patch Buff
Damage PVP Survival
Cry Huff and Puff
Soon, the Warrior revival.

I know, that was bad, but somehow accurate though written last summer. The stunning pun was 100% unintentional, I had a rogue get pretty mad at me for that. Something about GG-Bladestorm in pvp. I originally posted this one on the WOW forums a while back. Thought this would be a good place for this silliness as well. I thought the title was so perfect, I stole the title from this funny post on our warrior forum. 

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