Friday, May 23, 2014

Gladiation Station : Bonus Armor = A top DPS stat

Hello Gladiator's,

Thanks for visiting! I've been keeping up with the latest over twitter and class changes mentioned for Warriors over the past month and we haven't seen a lot of iteration for Gladiator's Resolve changes. I just wanted to do a quick post to highlight some of the current plans for our newest DPS spec.

  • Bonus Armor will be MORE attractive for us than the other stats. I asked Celestalon, "Is bladed armor gear expected to be sub-part to dps stat gear?"
@Cyclonus_WOW No, above par. Bonus Armor will be your most valuable secondary stat as a Gladiator. (ie, same as Defensive Protection)

  • Since it will be more attractive itemization for us,  it's important to note that this stat is going to only be available on a few specific slots:
@SoukieBillard We're not adding Spirit of Bonus Armor to any armor slot equipment, only ring/trinket/cloak/neck.

Finally, this awesome picture is by Miguel Coimbra. This guy is definitely a Gladiator :).  Check out his amazing work here:

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