Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gladiator's Resolve FAQ

Hello Gladiator's

A lot of us are too busy defeating dragons, and slaying our enemies to read long-winded super technical blog posts. But, we do care about the Warrior class, and we definitely want to know what the plans are going to be for Warlord of Draenor. Warrior representation was all over the map during MoP in raids, and don't even get me started on pvp. I wanted to compile a list of the most common questions that I see asked, all the time, when it comes to the Gladstance talent for Prot Spec.

Q Will Gladstance be viable DPS?

A Yes, confirmed over twitter by Celestalon ( and covered in a post below ). We are going to be meant to not only viable, but competitive with Arms and Fury.

Q Can I tank in Gladstance?

A No, you cannot tank in gladstance, and if you somehow figure out a way to do it, they will fix it. Blizz devs have confirmed the intent is to be a DPS in tank spec. Fulfilling the fantasy of playing a DPS while still wearing a shield.

Q Can I switch stances to tank?

A Yes, but only once out of combat.

Q Do I wear Tank Gear or DPS Gear for Gladstance?

A Tank Gear all the way. Remember though, with dodge/parry gone from gear, everyone will be hunting for Bonus Armor, Mastery, Crit, Haste, etc.

Q Do I care about Bonus Armor as a stat?

A Yes, it was confirmed that it would be an "above-par" stat compared to crit/mastery/haste. You can expect to be in actual tank gear for doing dps in Glad Stance.

Q Why don't we get Rallying Cry or Demo Banner if we're DPS?

A This is intentional, you get other utility, like shield barrier, shield wall, did I mention the shield and probably excellent parry rating? Oh and the ability to literally hit 1 button ( out of combat ) and become a 3rd tank.

Q Will I be too Overpowered in Battlegrounds?

A This is blizzard, if you're too overpowered, that's the plan. Everyone will be Overpowered! But seriously, running a flag in BG's will be the same. You'll still want to get into defensive stance ( out of combat ) before you start taking a ton of damage.

Q Does this mean I can do Blood DPS, Shaman Tank, Warlock Tank, Prot Paladin DPS, or Holy Paladin DPS?

A No. But this IS an experiment, so if you're interested in this experiment, talk about it on twitter, the forums, everywhere, let Blizzard know this is an awesome idea, and let them know what works/doesn't so we can hopefully see this on live. If the experiment went well, of course they'd consider those other classes! They probably talk about it all the time :)

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