Monday, June 22, 2015

In a Fit of Rage, Part 2

Hello Gladiators,

I did another terrible poem. I thought you might get a kick out of it.

From the Forums:

"In a fit of Rage Pt 2"

Twas the night before Hellfire
All through the WOW boards,
Telling Glad, Go join a choir!
But we want shields with our swords!

The mythic race is coming!
Glad Buffs nowhere to be found.
Fury damage will be stunning!
Why even keep us around?

Raid Lead said Fury,
Arms for cleave, or the bench
We're F5'ing in a hurry
Our wrists starts to clench.

We've been waiting for a year
A Patch where we can race
Shield Maidens and Brothers near
Looking Fury Face to Face

Glads got the APM of the Gods
Could be dropping Nydus Worms
F5'ing against the Odds
Instead Fury's dishing Burns

Carpel Tunnel is coming,
That's okay, it's free rage
Lack of Feedback is numbing
Someday we'll have the stage.

6.3 They'll realize the mistake
After the race is said and done
But our shield wall won't break
Even if nerfs blot out the sun.

Nerf Patch Buff
Damage PVP Survival
Cry Huff and Puff
This is the warrior cycle.

In a Fit of Rage Pt 1:

- Cyc Out

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